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This, is boomerang (yahoo.github.com)
40 points by DanielH on July 22, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

This, is a superfluous comma

Perhaps they were going for James Earl Jones' "This...is CNN"-style emphasis.

This is Boomerang, Welcome. You can do anything at Boomerang. Anything at all

yep, that's it. big fan of the voice of Vader & CNN

Why not integrate Google Chrome's API with boomerang? The following functions are available to web content:

    chrome.loadTimes().{requestTime, startLoadTime, commitLoadTime, finishDocumentLoadTime, finishLoadTime, firstPaintTime, firstPaintAfterLoadTime, navigationType, wasFetchedViaSpdy}
    chrome.csi().{startE, onloadT, pageT, tran}

That's a good idea. There is also the WebTiming spec, coming soon to a browser near you. It's on GitHub, so....

Carlos, the WebTiming API has already been integrated into boomerang, as has IE9's implementation of it. Chrome's API hasn't.

This isn't meant to be a browser plugin. Reading through the docs, it seems this is meant to be a tool to measure actual performance of your site in actual user's browsers.

> The following functions are available to web content

Thanks for the pointer, I'll look into integrating it.

There's another interesting project out there called the Boomerang Decompiler..

And a bidirectional programming language: http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~harmony/

yeah, we spent a lot of time trying to find a name that both matched what the project does, and that doesn't clash with another opensource project. The decompiler was in a sufficiently different scope that we wouldn't step on toes.

This is cool, have you used it?

nice stuff, handed to my dev colleagues :)

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