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This really struck a chord with me. As I walk into work everyday, I always think, why can't I be happy like every other guy walking into work.

All I want to do in the crowded elevator at work is to bleat out, like sheep, "Baaa baaa baaa". I always think how funny that would be. :)

Infact I would say I've lost a good chunk of income - (40,000 a year?) just paying for my "individuality". I've done this by telling bosses what I thought about their ideas and that (and yes I've used these words in verbatim) "I can only do things that _I_ feel are right. You can give me advice, but I might not follow it.". So I've lost out on a few promotions and money.

I've received scorn, been laughed at and sometimes even received "pity" from some of my friends who do whatever their bosses tell them to do and are getting compensated well for it.

And the whole reason I've done this is because I've always felt that:

1. The only thing that will help me to be independent in the future as an entrepreneur is to be independent right now.

2. If I lose this ability to be myself, I lose everything - ie the ability to ever hope to start my own thing.

Now I might be completely wrong about this and I might have gone to extremes at time, but this concept of "being a misfit" is something I've cherished. Hopefully in the near future, when I have my own venture again, we'll see if I was right and whether this is as valuable as I've always thought :).

At the very least, I can say that its never been boring :).

(Background: The reason I've not been able to start my own thing fulltime has been because of a green card. But now I finally have it and have given myself a 5 month window to start with my side project hopefully being my second venture.)

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