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One thing you're missing:

For a very high profile requirement - say, some kind of huge emergency - you could land the BFR anywhere there's a solid surface the size of a soccer field. Zero infrastructure required.

Getting it out of there again would be difficult, but you could have a team of experts and a whole lot of material resources literally drop down from the sky anywhere on Earth in a matter of hours. Most of that duration would be spent loading the human and material cargo into the rocket.

We have no way of doing that currently.

P.S.: And if the emergency is big enough, you could drop the whole thing into the ocean near the shore and just jettison the passengers and cargo shortly before impact.

Rapid intervention anywhere on Earth. Literally.

Military invasion forces and quick reaction forces would be much easier to insert with tech like that.

I'm not sure about invasion. These things are pretty vulnerable on the descending part of the trajectory.

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