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I'm having a hard time figuring out what the author means by "vulnerable" here. Seems like a mellifluous but semantically empty use of the word.

I read sensitive when he says vulnerable. and direct vulnerability: "This kind of love cannot be taught in business school. It has to be felt. It has to be given sanctuary away from the noise and relentless assault of information. And then it has to be nurtured. It must be embraced, in the light of day, for all to see, for people to ridicule, to criticize, to laugh at. And the entrepreneur has to be willing to feel the pain of that ridicule and suffer the risk of the dream being stolen, or crushed by the meanness of this world."

Mmm, I think I'm getting it. So it's the idea that they actually have something to lose, instead of just doing the "normal" things and thereby not having to incur this risk of pain?

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