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Beautiful paragraph:

"To embrace the misfit in oneself is to be vulnerable. It is to forsake the easy acceptance that comes with fitting in and to instead be fortified by a kind of love, really. A love of life, a love of wonder, and, ultimately, a sustaining love for oneself. Far from egoism, that love for oneself is a measure of one's love for others, for humanity. And it is only from love that great ideas can be born."

And, that's why, when people were creeped out with the amount of times Steve Jobs said that he "loves our customers", I just thought, "well that's nice of him".

You see, he doesn't love them individually, he loves what he provides for them, and vice versa.

That said, cue the scene from "Idiocracy" where the protaganists walk into Costco :D


Agreed. This whole article is uncharacteristically beautiful for HBR.

That paragraph alone made me vote up the original article and shed a few empathizing tears inside.

Unfortunately, then I go read about how we've killed the Gulf of Mexico http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1536572, and my blood boils and hatred for this world grows.

Such is the life of an entrepreneur, I suppose. Full of love and hatred. Full of contradictions.

full of passion for gaining and keeping values

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