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SpaceX BFR [video] (youtube.com)
372 points by mulcahey on Sept 29, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 270 comments

can anyone think of scenarios where somebody has to be somewhere in an hour?

what about making one of those the new airforce one?

It's not even about the latency issue, in most cases.

Today the biggest problem with, specifically, trans-pacific flights is that you burn an entire day in travel, both ways. That means if you want to take a weekend to go somewhere, you can't, because 2 days minus 2 days is zero days, you have no time to actually spend doing anything. And that's aside from the recovery time of that much air travel. Short duration trips are then only reasonable if you can cram in some very high priority activity, which is very limiting. For shorter trip times it becomes feasible to squeeze in short trips on a more regular basis. I had a coworker who lived in the Seattle area and flew down to LA every weekend to visit his wife for several months. That's only feasible if you can cram travel into Friday/Sunday evenings. That sort of thing will become possible with a service like BFREE.

Most importantly, you don't burn entire days in travel, you simply add travel as a component into those days. These flights are expected to be in the $10k range, so basically anyone who makes more than about $4m a year will have a straight up logical cost/benefit reason to use BFREE for long distance flights instead of air travel, because it means they get the majority of that whole day back, instead of burning it flying.

> can anyone think of scenarios where somebody has to be somewhere in an hour?

Have you ever taken any long-haul flight? I guess some people don't mind, but I find it excruciating.

Few people have to be somewhere in an hour. But lots of people would love to.

Industrial (Oil/Gas/Materials) repairmen. You're talking a few 100,000 for every hour they're not pushing product. These places are located at the resource, not where employees are so you're likely going to need to fly someone super specialized in the maintenance of this one item half way across the globe.

like sending specialists to a nuclear power plant after a disaster?

Histories of financial crises include a fair bit of catching Concorde between London and New York. That's the only case I can think of that's urgent and serious enough to justify face-to-face talks where it's safe enough to have an unplanned international visit.

i'm thinking this is the new concorde (not in failure)

Urgent signing and cancelling of business deals in person, or delivery of high tech expertise or knowledgable staff.

Your argument makes no sense. Would you like to be there in an hour or in 15 hours?

Um, let me think about that for, no, wait. I'll take the hour, please.


Do we get an in-flight snack?

Marketing of that product is awesome. But does it scale? Very unlikely! That's great to have impossible goals to make people dream, but stop bullshitting people saying it will replace commercial airplanes and everybody will be an astronaut for the same price.

Why is the Concorde not in service anymore? Simple: it was a very little market, over-polluting for over-privileged and we do not need that to enhance traveling, we already tried! How would this BFR be different?

The Concorde was one airplane. Its not like we have tried every possible way of increasing travel speed.

They will build this rocket anyway, the will have to make it reusable anyway. All they did is consider using it as a transporter for people on earth.

Its just one way the can potentially make money with this technology. Does not hurt to try. No reason to shit on the idea and claim its some absurd fantasy.

Well my bad, all I did was clicking on the link, I made a lot of assumptions on what they intended to do with that.

Indeed it doesn't hurt to try!

Musk didn't say it would replace regular planes nor we would all be astronauts, that's just you saying it. Also, his talk was about 43min long and only the very last "slide" and couple of minutes discussed the why-nots of reusing BFR for local transportation, because technically it is possible.

Well I just watched the video, it clearly imagine a world where you could fly BFR like airplanes... I don't see how it would be accessible to the mass, therefore it's a niche product for the very rich, no big deal!


"Cost per seat should be about the same as full fare economy in an aircraft. Forgot to mention that."

It didn't shut down because the passengers were too privileged nor because it was too polluting. What's next to go? Ferrari and Rolls Royce hit all your criteria for a transport failure too.

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