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Say I'm using ELK for log aggregation. Would Vespa be a good replacement? One pain point is ingest rate. How many "average" log lines per second can Vespa do per node?

It could be a replacement for the 'E', but the APIs are different enough that there's no drop-in replacement for the 'L' and 'K' and creating or making those compatible would be a significant effort. Would be great if someone did though :-)

Gotcha. On the ingest front, do you have any numbers around that? I see some benchmarks that focus on other (important) aspects like QPS but didn't catch anything on ingest.

Write speed (add or update) is typically between a few thousand to a few tens of thousands operations per second per node sustained, depending on sizeof data etc.

Sustaining throughput over long time is important and often overlooked mentioned in benchmarks.

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