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CryptoMaps: Cryptocurrency Market State (cryptomaps.org)
179 points by petethomas on Sept 27, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments

Love it, one recommendation though - make sure it's easy to share. When I tried to share on FB it didn't show an image, which I really wanted it to.

- https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/?q=http%...

- https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator

I know it's JavaScript, but you can still generate an image using something like https://github.com/yahoo/cronshot.

Has a "million dollar homepage" feel to it.

I love it!

Great work and very unique imho!

Bookmarked by me at least.

Million dollar homepage is nothing compared to this one hundred billion dollar homepage

Any good site to look for volatility comparisons?

Oh nooooooooo

I was working on this too! You beat me, well played.

Me too, Just finished the R package https://github.com/amrrs/coinmarketcapr and next is Shiny app!

what is this from?

Great site! When searching for a currency, the currency is highlighted and zoomed in. When zooming out, it's hard to see where in the landscape that currency was. Maybe let the currency keep it's color?

Nice! What is the source api?

This is fantastic, thanks for sharing! It's especially nice on a mostly green day like today, which is to say on a day when BTC is up, since as BTC goes so the alts follow.

Looks great! Would be cool to plot it over time as well.

Very good. I'll use this instead of Coinmarketcap to see how the coins are moving from now on.

Cool heatmap for cryptocurrencies. I always wonder why don't most exchanges offer this.

That said, this reinforces one thought process - most if not all coins, for whatever innovation they are doing move in tandem with bitcoin. BTC is down? Most will go down. BTC is up? Most will go up too.

It seems both humans and bots have a notion of sentiment.

this is just like https://finviz.com/map.ashx

The original use of a squarified treemap to represent financial markets was Martin Wattenberg's Map of the Market for SmartMoney in 1998: http://www.bewitched.com/marketmap.html

So many!

It feels so bad when all the comments are so positive and I can't view the website because it's not compatible with the app I use to read HN, I really want to see it. (it's a very popular app)

Open cryptomaps.org in a web browser and you're good.

Wondering what everyones thoughts are on NEO its genereated a lot of buzz recently.

Wouldn't touch it with ten foot pole. Pure garbage. Ive found several consensus breaking bugs. Read the source code yourself, its awful.

Why dont I report it? I don't care about NEO.

I agree. You can tell how confident they are in their blockchain technology that the only nodes they allow on the NEO network are operated by the company. Decentralized trust is supposed to be the single selling point of a blockchain. If we give that up, we might as well make a REST API for a SQL database and claim that it's the fastest blockchain in the world.

Not that I don't believe you but I would love a blog post or something details the shortcomings or benefits of these crypto at the source code level.

It was fun to see the parity wallet hack happen due to a single commit.

First comment by this user. I can't comment on NEO's security, but I'd be wary of people making bold statements without any proof to back it up. Crypto landscape is for a lot of people all about the fud, the push and the pull.

Plus if you find consensus bugs you can usually make a killer bounty with any cryptocurrency project

Right, some proof on the so-called consensus bugs might have made this comment worth reading

I thought for sure the reason would be China's crackdown on crypto.

At the moment it's one step removed from vaporware. None of the features they brag about exist yet, and the codebase is in fact a complete untested / untestable mess primarily maintained by 1 dev. Their white paper is awful even by "crypto" standards. Security issues are inevitable.

If you're investing, be wary of the pump cycles - particularly now. October is when the first of the "reserved" shares unlock (50% of the total circulation is earmarked for the founders), so there is significant incentive to fan the hype and artificially drive up the price.

Interesting with the unlocking. Any source/more info on that?

The locked tokens are described in the (then Antshares) ICO rules :


The tokens begin to unlock 1 year after 'mainnet' goes live, which happened on 10/17/16


Thanks a lot for the info!

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