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Can you elaborate?

Even split between Java / C++, with at least 4 different build systems: 2 of which are effectively the next generation of the other 2. 2 different UNIX shells and 5 other dynamic programming languages. Not the end of the world, and there are probably good reasons for a lot of it (maybe there are bindings for various languages, maybe some of it is misindeitified, maybe they're harnessing 2 large bodies of existing work, 1 in Java and 1 in C++), but it may suggest a lot of people just doing things their own way trying to carve out their own niche, without a cohesive philosophy across the system, which mirrors my experience with Yahoo's engineering org.

No, this is run by a single, very cohesive, very remote team.

There is some misidentification in your list (our .def files are nothing to do with Teamcenter). We use 2 languages because we Java and C++ have different strengths which make each suitable at different layers of the architecture. The rest is a combination of "for good reasons" and "leftover scraps" :-)

Yeah I ran cloc on a few projects I'm very familiar with, and shell scripts that are interpreted with bash but not with a shebang because they're libraries sourced by others are called Bourne too. Just explaining what OP was getting at :)

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