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Growing a UX tool (medium.com/proof-of-concept)
51 points by juliushuijnk on Sept 28, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

When my Symbols are done in sketch, I can build a mockup very quickly. Have you considered building a plugin for Sketch?

I meet with the InVisionApp sales team few months ago. Their phylosophie is to work and augment the current tools (Sketch 3...) instead of replacing them. I thought that it was a good approach.

I'd be worried that the designers will be scared by a command line based tool. This will be hard to convince people to move away from Sketch 3.

Thanks for trying to improve the designer tools, it's much needed.

This is so desperately needed it isn't even funny. Is there somewhere I can sign up for updates on your progress, try out alpha builds, etc?

I should build a sign up form, but for now, send me a private message on Twitter with your e-mail, and I'll put you on a list. https://twitter.com/trueuxapp

If you're not on twitter and want to contact; I'll post a different way to do that in a tweet on the same account, and in this topic later.

Done. Thanks.

What does everyone currently use for wireframing? I find it easiest to just draw it out with a pen and paper.

My current process is:

1) Initial sketches in pen & paper.

2) Move into Sketch.app for refinement.

3) Move into Invision for clickthrough interactivity.

4) Move into Principle for animations & transitions.

5) Throughout, use Craft.io to keep track of personas, user stories, etc.

6) Realize that, despite my best efforts, documentation is scattered everywhere. Things are out of sync. UI is in eighteen different states of visual done-ness, and nobody knows who made what decision when.

7) Drink heavily.

My ideal workflow is:

1) Pen + paper or whiteboard for rapid ideation and exploration

2) Something exactly like this "True UX" tool for rapidly stringing together layouts and flows in a testable, iterative, documentable way.

3) Drink heavily. Wait. Maybe this is a personal problem.

I use the same process but start with 7)

Have you used craft sync? There’s another tool to sync but forgot the name.

Our designer currently uses this and loves it: https://www.invisionapp.com/

We use Balsamiq Mockups.


Looks pretty cool. One thing though... Windows?..

It's a prototype I'm making in Python. You can run it on a Mac. For a web-app prototype I can re-use much of the code.

First I want to gather feedback and get a feel for the potential. If there is enough potential, I'd like to get one or more developers involved so we can build a robust product for the platforms (desktop, mobile, web) that make sense for the product.

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