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The use of "Agrees" in the headline reveals societal bias. "Decides" would have been better.

Well, I believe that they were the last country in the world to prohibit it, so even if you look at it from a societal bias perspective, Saudi Arabia's policy is now in agreement with everyone else.

Is there something wrong with societal bias? Especially towards ideals like personal liberty?

In journalism, yes.

The word "bias" probably should have tipped you off

Or not? One can be biased toward life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, or any number of generally-agreeable things.

I'm biased against death, and toward life. I don't generally feel a need to disclose that, since it's a widely-shared bias.

No, the use of the word “agrees” conveys the fact that there was a party other than the one making the decision requesting the outcome, while “decides" is less specific. There is no “bias” revealed except one toward communicating facts.

Now, if there was editorializing about the desirability of the decision, e.g., “finally agrees”, you'd have a point about bias (though the would be bias of those involved in the headline, not necessarily societal bias.)

Of course, there is a widespread (though not universal) societal bias toward treating women at least as human beings with the basic right to participate indepebdently in society, and I don't have any problem with that. But nothing in the headline points to that bias.

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