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> Changing filesystems, adding external graphics support, adding support for new image compression formats, and updating the graphics API to support VR are all important, and none of them are small tasks. But the UI doesn’t change, apps get only minor updates

I disagree. Recently, I formatted my macbook pro and decided maybe I don't need all these "new features" in Sierra and would be fine with Mavericks.

Turned out it is more complicated than that.

- The external screen renders better under Sierra than Mavericks. I didn't notice the change since it happened gradually and I don't know which version triggered it. But it was annoying enough to notice.

- The battery life under Sierra is much better. I noticed a 10-20% extended lifetime.

- Some apps would not work.

- I missed the Sync between my iDevices. I didn't know that it didn't exist in Mavericks.

- Finder is more responsive in Sierra than Mavericks

I really came to appreciate Sierra after that reset to Mavericks. In fact, I couldn't work with it and decided to upgrade. What High Sierra brings to the table is "unnoticeable" UI wise but makes your workflow easier.

These small improvements performance wise makes your work easier and better. On the longterm they accumulate and are making macOs still the best OS I have ever interacted with.

Just a clarification, since it isn't clear from your post:

Mavericks is 4 versions old (10.9), Sierra is current version (10.12), High Sierra is the on that adds these features you're talking about (10.13). In between were Yosemite and El Capitan.


The following bullet "I missed the Sync between my iDevices. I didn't know that it didn't exist in Mavericks." Holds true for 10.11 at least for Notes. It most likely that other apps don't work either. I have 10.11 & 10.12 installed on my current machine so I have experienced the deprecation(or whatever it is) of the APIs that causes apps to stop working.

If you're not on Mavericks anymore it's a moot point, but IIRC HiDPI scaled resolutions were disabled on most external monitors. However, there was a terminal command to enable them.

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