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Industrial Laundry Is Dirtier Than We Imagine (dissentmagazine.org)
30 points by kawera on Sept 24, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

tl;dr: >> Meg Fosque, an organizer at Make the Road New York who testified before New York City Council in 2015, described the laundry industry as one plagued by rampant violations of labor law and exploitation of the largely immigrant workforce by “unscrupulous employers.” Fosque concluded, “the industry as a whole has a disturbing track record and is in need of oversight.”

The story is of course about anything but laundry but I would have imagined industrial cleaners to not just stack more or less normal volume washing machines.

I would expect industrial cleaners to have some large vat of hot de-fatting solution, followed by a detergent stage, followed by a large vat of bleaching solution if appropriate, followed by some sort of rinse and possibly a pressing stage, if t'were paid for as an add-on.

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