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"Yes it's still backed but less than before, i.e., devalued."


1 Trillion in Assets = 1 Trillion in Currency.

1 Trillion + 1 dollar in Assets = 1 Trillion + 1 Dollar in currency.

No dilution by the Fed.

(Fractional lending notwithstanding - that's another can of worms)

You do realize that you are backing a dollar with a dollar?

But you cannot eat a dollar or play games on a dollar or drive with it. In and of itself a dollar is just a piece of paper and has an intrinsic value of say 1ct.

So adding a paper note to the economy increases the backing by 1ct and the currency by 1$. Adding an iPhone increases the assets by say 100$ (just made that up by taking 500$ cost - 400$ used materials) and leaves the currency as it is.

Hmm, now that I think of it: Are you maybe talking about accounting?

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