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The interaction with the equalizer sliders isn't quite right. Once you grab any slider, you should be able to move the mouse horizontally to affect the rest (draw the curve you want with the mouse).

I learned JavaScript by implementing a similar project which gets this detail correct: http://freecog.net/2005/jsamp/demo/MainWindow.xhtml

(It is quite amusing to read the release notes: "SVG features (the equalizer display) requires Deer Park Alpha 1 or later (Deer Park is the codename for Firefox 1.1, to be released in September).")

Wow! Awesome job, especially for 2005. Do you have the code anywhere? Do you mind if I add you to the "predecessors" section of my readme? https://github.com/captbaritone/winamp2-js#predecessors

Go ahead! There's a .zip file linked here: http://freecog.net/2005/jsamp/

This being 2005, the code is pretty much what you see there -- no minification or anything. The source archive contains the template files (this project was done as a skin for BrowseAmp, a plugin which added a web server to Winamp to allow remote control of it).

> Deer Park is the codename for Firefox 1.1, to be released in September

Anyone remember Phoenix 0.1.0? Phoenix became Firebird became Firefox.

I remember it being so amazingly fast compared to the full mozilla suite that I switched immediately. Looking back it’s truly odd that people thought a browser needed an email client, news reader and html wysiwyg editor included by default (and non-removable), but I remember at the time it made complete sense.

I think it made sense since html email was much like html on the web. Who knows, maybe in the future people will think it strange that the email reader had an editor to send mail?

I think it is fair to say that not forcing people to have a web authoring tool that reminds them they are the author contributed greatly to the new web of walled gardens.

My dad is currently using SeaMonkey for email and and editing his website.

It feels very wrong but after 20 years and 100 GB of pop3 email, it's hard to switch I suppose.


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