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"Why escape my life when I can make my lived world better?"

Some people could really enjoy escaping their lived world. Imagine if the costs on VR came down enough so that a person living in a slum in Calcutta or Rio de Janeiro or Chicago could walk through the Taj Mahal, or Petra, or sit in a Harvard University lecture hall? What if they could just make the smell go away for an hour?

It would greatly improve the quality of their life even without solving the much tougher challenge of getting them out of poverty.

Considered expansively enough, virtual reality for all five senses could be a substitute for almost any consumption experience. People could eat protein paste and have it taste like filet mignon. They could walk between the same two rooms in their house but feel like they were in Versailles. VR could massively reduce the global demand for energy and materials.

A person's interactions with the world are not "consumption experiences." This sort of VR future would turn humanity into ghosts -- haunting a virtual world, unable to truly inhabit it or exercise any degree of agency over it.

I'm eagerly awaiting social VR. Since playing multiplayer games allows people of now to have unparalleled social interaction and insight into other person, being able to freely explore virtual worlds together would greatly increase integrity in society, even if at very least teaching various social skills.

Yeah, there's no reason humans can't interact with the physical world through auxiliary VR worlds. We already do this with websites, VR will eventually be an interface to interact as a connected robotic device.

At the same time, the person in VR would be giving learnable information to the robot while they are controlling it (e.g. like a driver for a self-driving car). Eventually, you could wade the robot off of VR and it would be able to carry out the task. So, VR could also be a way to teach robots.


In the long view, this is absolutely compelling. But then - post scarcity also lives in the long view.

So the Oasis?

I think I've seen this in a movie before, perhaps we could even harvest their body heat for energy and hope they don't come up with a prophecy for a "one" to set them free.

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