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> you can instantly convert to any number of other cryptocurrencies

Assuming someone has built an "instant" method of exchange, and that it is always available, then I guess this is true.

If you mean you don't count existing exchanges, which is fair, there are decentralized exchanges coming very soon (0xproject.com among others) as well as atomic swaps: https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite/status/910534107058233344

I mean, even if good exchanges exist they can never really guarantee instantaneous transfer from one to another because there's really no way to guarantee demand for a cryptocurrency. Hundreds of them have cropped up that you probably couldn't pay someone to take now, and a rush on one of the big ones isn't even inconceivable.

The failure of, say, the Bolivar does not disprove the value of some other currency.

But yeah, I guess if you're the last guy trying to get out of e-Bolivars you're pretty screwed.

Interesting, thanks for the links. I did indeed mean that I don't count existing exchanges, but will need to investigate the decentralized concept.

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