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You can't top the episode where Jen borrows the Internet for a presentation. Fantastic series.

I usually don't like british comedy series, that kind of humor rarely work with me. But this one, hilarious. The internet episode was great, i've also enjoyed the ones with the smokers, the electric pants, the "i'm disabled" one and one of the latest with those finance guys playing rpgs. Definitely thumbs up.

And don't forget about crippling the internet by googling Google ;-)

Maybe you can't. But the first season was hilarious. All of it. This season is fine too. Mostly with the 'RAM Emergency' a couple of episodes ago.

— I'm sorry. There was a RAM Emergency. There was too much RAM.

This Jen (points to box), is THE INTERNET!

If you have access via an UK IP you can watch the series online: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-it-crowd/4od

It is also available for instant streaming on Netflix

For those of you who can't get 4od to work (i.e. me) or who're outside the UK, it's also available via BitTorrent and The Pirate Bay.

I don't understand why this is downvoted into almost oblivion - I'm in India, and the only reason I've watched the show and can appreciate the post and this discussion is because of the resources mentioned in parent.

uncontested "trust me, if you type google into google you will break the internet"

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