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Why is the DaringFireball article here? and why does it have a 100 votes? The guy has just quoted the Wired article without adding anything on his own?

Because it highlights the most interesting points of a much longer article?

I'm no Daring Fireball fanboy (the 1st derivative of an Apple fanboy?) but there is sometimes value in aggregation and summarization.

> sometimes value in aggregation

What do you think of http://kottke.org ?

It is particularly odd since the actual Wired article was already on the front page of HN when this was submitted.

The power of a headline that grabs your focus

He saves us time that's why.

If your time was that valuable, you wouldn't be reading HN right now.

Blindly working heads down in an industry you know nothing about because you don't stay up-to-date isn't a good use of your time, either.

Of course it isn't, but there are many ways to stay up to date more time-efficient than HN and DF if you care primarily about the time expenditure.

Agreed, but it's "Daring Fireball".

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