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I work for UPS as a developer and responsible for software that manages/tracks actual deliveries and delivery window. Can you provide some information about fake delivery attempts ? I will personally make sure that if there were "fake" deliveries, you will get a refund and who ever "faked" is punished.

The typical complaint is that you're at home, waiting for a package. You check the tracking all day "on the truck". Then at one point, it says "no one home".

Uh... I've been at fucking home all day.

Or worse, see the truck drive by your house, followed by the tracking updated to "no one home".

That's a fake delivery attempt.

Can you email me the tracking number of the "fake" delivery to adorfman@ups.com ? I will pull GPS coordinates + other data for you, of where & when the delivery was made/attempted.

That sounds like my experience with FedEx. UPS at least usually knocks.

'punished' is not something needed. In a capitalistic society, I can simply choose not to use your service. But if you give me a way to get ahold of you, I'll give you a tracking number that was not delivered on time and a bogus status added. I wish it was the only time this has happened across the years.

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