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Travel Time London Underground Map (2016) (tom-carden.co.uk)
84 points by JetSpiegel on Sept 20, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

A similar one here: http://www.cityam.com/234508/this-alternative-tube-map-shows... https://petertrotman.com/special/london-underground-travel-t... . I don't know who can claim priority or if they worked independently.

The first item on the author's wishlist is 'sync with realtime TfL data (which lines are down etc.)' - if current travel conditions could be persuaded into this map in real-time, and (also on his wishlist!) the presentation massaged into the classic schematic Tube map, it would make a wonderful tool for getting around London. Anyone who lives in the city quickly gets an instinct for what routes to take around the Tube at different times of day, but for those of use who don't, something like this sitting on our phones could be a marvel.

If you already know where you want to go, a journey planner will be better than this tool. And journey time doesn't vary much by time of day (for tube anyway). Most disruptions are in the weekend and affect you going into or out of the centre.

What would it give you that, say, Citymapper doesn't?

I rewrote Logo to make maps like this from a spreadsheet.

Then I made a subway-style map of the Taiwanese train network, where the distance between each station corresponds to the number of minutes it takes a train to travel that distance.


I could do the same for high-speed trains, but there was no interest from the train company so I kind of left the project behind. I still use it for myself though, because other maps are worse.

Very cool, I've always wanted to see this for areas where you can compare driving and transit. The Bay area during rush hour with all the bridges would be interesting.

Very nice vis, though the reported times are way off actual travel times because interchange time is not taken into account, which can be significant in shorter journeys with multiple hops. Calculating this is non-trivial, as it is dependent on entrance/egress platforms for every station, as many have different flows in different directions.

Great tool though!

I think the number of changes should have to do with the overall time. Just drawing concentric circles from a location is very mileading.

Just as an additional data point in Tokyo you can guarantee the time it takes to change platforms as the distance is measured, I’m not sure anyone has the walking distance between the Victoria and Central lines at Oxford Street (etc.).

Oh, my dislexia thought this was a time travel map.

Colleagues of mine working on travel time functionality. Everybody that comes across their work makes the time travel transposition at least once while discussing it.

I wonder what makes this temptation so strong.

Not just you - no dyslexia here, but I still parsed the title as "Time Travel" - so I was expecting some sort of animation on how the Tube map has evolved over the years.

Same exact thing happened to me

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