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They have the DNA.

HTC made the first Android phone (G1). They made the first 4.3" smartphone (Evo for Sprint). They made the first 4G (albeit WiMAX) phone sold in the United States (Evo again). Their newest phone the HTC U 11 is arguably one of the most aesthetically attractive personal computing devices in production today.

I use Apple products across the board, but there's no denying that HTC has some serious hardware chops.

Yes and they were making smartphones before that too. In fact they were the first phone manufacturer that only made smartphones.

I don't think HTC gets enough credit for their part in the smartphone revolution. Even when they were making windows CE devices they were pushing the UX and phone build quality forward, including making launchers that resemble what Android turned out to be.

The only piece they were missing was capacitive screens. With that they could have made history.

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