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When Larry Page goes to the Bahamas, they don't take the company's treasury with them.

Who exactly are the developers going to do with the ICO money? From the looks of it, the answer is 'pay themselves'.

Which is 'fine', if the value they created is the crypto-currency itself - wham, bam, they are done - at the time of the sale. This is not the case for the vast majority of ICOs - there are just a bunch of promises about how eventually the coin will be super-useful, with no oversight for how to get from now to then.

Larry Page (who isn't the CEO of Google btw) still owns all his stock, regardless of whether he's in the USA or the Bahamas.

Larry Page also uses his stock to pay himself.

These cryptocurrencies only have value as long as the market considers them valuable. If Alphabet's stock price dropped, Larry's net worth would decline proportionally.

And yes, they certainly took in money during the initial funding, but Larry and friends did the exact same thing when they pitched Google to early investors.

Larry Page not being the CEO of Google is somewhat pedantic… he's the CEO of Alphabet, formerly known as Google. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of formerly Google's Google division, now known as the only Google, reporting to Larry Page.

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