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Makes sense. Own the hardware and the software and create a seamless experience. It's what Apple has been doing for years. Hopefully, they can pull that off if that's indeed the aim: I might consider a Google/HTC device if they pull it off and heck it might be running Fuschia and not android and that'd be compelling to me.

It's a shame Google doesn't care about its users and actually goes out of its way to inconvenience and blame customers who experience issues with their products. Sorry but I can get my iPhone repaired or replaced in any major city on short notice and it's generally a pleasant experience. Good luck getting Google to even take manufacturing defects seriously [1]. Stop giving this company your money.

[1] https://9to5google.com/2016/12/09/google-pixel-screen-peelin...

Reminds me of the Nexus One when the power buttons failed left and right - both Google and HTC left many customers with expensive paperweights.


Zircon (previously named Magenta) is their new microkernel. Fuchsia is the full system.

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