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Eth hasn't been hacked, but the technical parties developing it have yet to deliver a smart contract platform which is reasonable to write a verifiable contract on. And as a consequence: contracts are being exploited either due to implementation bugs in the language or code that has no obvious testing or verification plan.

In many ways this is worse. There is a lack of competence in executing on the single most important feature of Etherium: it's ability to home other cryptocurrency.

And without this, what exactly is the value eth adds? To me, this is an attempt to control and force the ecosystem. It's there to facilitate overvalued and underveted ICos and sidecar it as a revenue stream.

It's not there to build something sustainable, it's there to extract value. If they cared about sustainability, the lack of rigor and correcness in eth contract building tools would be seen as a crisis and it would be much closer to resolution.

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