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This is one of the better things to happen in ec2 in years for me. We have a bunch of scripts so a spot instance can track when it came online and shut itself down effectively. It took far too much fiddling around to work around aws autoscale and get efficient billing with the per hour model. In the end we came up with a model where we protect the instances for scale in and then at the end of each hour, we have a cron that tries to shut all the worker services down, and if it can't it spins them all up again to run for another hour. If it can, then it shuts the machine down (which we have set on terminate to stop). The whole thing feels like a big kludge and for our workload we still have a load of wasted resources. We end up balancing not bringing up machines too fast during a spike against the long tail of wasted resource afterwards. This change by ec2 is going to make it all much easier.

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