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This is the problem.

If journalism is broken down into a market problem, (which will happen regularly on an American board for entrepreneurship) then the product will always be cat pics and scandal.

Because thats what people want. As someone said above, revealed behaviors of news consumers are different from stated behaviors.

If someone actually wanted objective information, they already pay for it - they go buy the wsj/bb for finance. If they want political analysis - they pay for those magazines.

I don't think Journalism works in a free market model.

The problem really boils down to 5-7 slots of short term attention span a human being has.

For all the desire to want good news, people will still dump that attention on junk food for the brain.

Since Good journalism is expensive, takes time to process, and may not be well received - its extremely time and attention intensive.

In a world where we're blowing that resource regularly, good journalism dies. It has to be capable of going toe to toe with attention seeking feel good material.

In a Market system - journalism end up being about hacking human attention. Otherwise not enough people reads it to support the paper.

This is generally a solved problem -

You pay the govt to make a single news agency - give it operating money, independence and stick an oversight group on top of it.

And you call it the BBC, and spend the rest of your days trying to defund it, while a majority of groups call it biased in one direction or the other.

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