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Yeah. This is like making your whole business model centered around selling things through Fulfillment by Amazon. They handle the shipping and returns and customer service...and also deciding whether to grace your small storefront with another day of continued existence. You COULD always move to eBay, or Etsy, or Tindie, or try pitching your products to local brick & mortar stores.

But if you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in Amazon's particular ecosystem...well, I hope you've already pulled that much out, because you are depending on the goodwill of a third party who can contractually tell you to fuck off for more or less any reason, with your only options being small claims or arbitration.

The message I'm starting to get from a handful of posts along these lines over the past couple of years is something like: "don't make anything more than a side business which depends on a 3rd-party service with no competitors that you can easily switch to."

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