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Actually, I think Buzzfeed has it right. Make money where it's easy to do so then use that money to fund bigger stories. The fact that the silly stories often find a bigger audience says something.

Also, I would recommend following journalists rather than news outlets.

you're not wrong, Buzzfeed is profitable while they do some truly amazing journalism as well.

But I really can't see WSJ or NYT creating clickbait personality quizzes just to fund their business.

No, but it demonstrates that new business models are worth exploring.

The NYT site The Wirecutter makes it's money from affiliate codes. Before that happened, I would have doubted that the NYT would ever look for money by linking product reviews back to Amazon.

If the NYT doesn't stabilize and Buzzfeed continues to grow, I could see Buzzfeed buying the Times as a more respected place to publish serious stories.

That probably won't happen because I think the NYT is in decent shape today.

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