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this is kind of irrelevant. why do you bring that up?

yes, he might get even more retaliation. but we should care about his message here, that Amazon control the news.

NYT could have reported that there is no longer Amazon ads on the magazine that told truths about them, like it used to have before. without ever receiving the "leak".

the "leak" just stated the obvious that everyone could see anyway.

> Why do you bring that up?

Perhaps as a something to learn from? Foer appears to have let his feelings of outrage get the better of him, and went off half-cocked with a pointless and ill-advised gesture that only benefitted his opponents.

Aren't we having this discussion here because of his actions?

I think he got what he wanted.

Some people are OK giving up a little comfort for a better world, you know?

I greatly appreciate the fact that he made a stand, but he may have rendered himself less effective in doing that by forwarding the message to someone whose judgement he thought he could trust. Maybe the leak turned out to be the best outcome anyway, given the New Republic is still publishing.

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