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Other possible titles:

"I didn't understand that the world's second richest person and publicly the world's most powerful person, who is extremely competitive, quick, intelligent, with little patience, who also controls the majority of the world's publication/data/hosting/streaming (BTW- Netflix and Hulu run on Amazon, so don't give me that Prime ain't everything argument) could affect me."

"I significantly underestimated the heat of the sun when I touched it."

"I've basically been a hermit for the past 20 years."

I agree that the author is embarrassingly proud of his naïveté, but if you can't read past the author's personal foibles, you'll miss out on an important story.

(Also, if you're looking for knee-jerk reasons to dismiss the article, his cringeworthy self-presentation is a pretty silly one. How about the fact that he's using it to promote a new book subtitled The Existential Threat of Big Tech? That's a more plausible excuse for not engaging with the substance of the article, but still not good enough, in my opinion.)

"All those comments on HN on WaPo articles about how they're owned by Jeff Bezos and won't say bad things about Amazon anymore might have some merit."

Another rich guy owning a media outlet, another media outlet owned by a rich guy..

He didn't seem to suffer for it much. Still has his job, and still writing about Amazon.

Edit: Apparently, he was fired, but didn't update his LinkedIn profile. Odd.

> When I asked Chris Hughes if I could pick a fight over Amazon’s cancellation, he sent me a curt note instructing me to remain quiet. Unfortunately, I had already forwarded Amazon’s note to a friend—who, in turn, excitedly and unadvisedly forwarded it to the New York Times.

From 1 great decision to the next...


??? is weirdest thing I ever heard. I can be a feminist and a capitalist; feminism != communism. I suggest you consult a dictionary for the definition of feminism and reconsider your attitude.

Intimidating people into submission so that they do not report on valid criticism isn't just "capitalism", it is unethical behavior, Cersei.

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