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Two museums having an informative fight on Twitter (newstatesman.com)
238 points by wglb on Sept 17, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 39 comments

Okay just to help out my fellow long-suffering HN users I made a Medium account and posted these tweets there.


I was about to give up on this, until I got to your post. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort! I especially love that nukes were laughingly dismissed with impact events.

Funny how they jump to using nukes and meteors but draw the line at DDT.

I’m writing this from one of these museums (The Natural History Museum) after having been in the Science Museum yesterday. They are both well worth a visit and since they are next to each other and both donation-only, I definitely recommend to visit both. This Twitter thread as well, if anything, encourages the same thing: don’t choose between the two, go for both.

That's brilliant! I really wish Twitter had a better way of letting me follow the conversation between these two accounts without having to read through a few dozen tweets from other random people (and if there is one and I missed it, please let me know)

Not related but : This is why twitter is failing : poor UX that a lone guy could fix with an extension.

I always wondered why Twitter has so much friction in its UI. I suppose it's on purpose, right? But what are they trying to achieve - more page views?

Following conversations is so hard, one has to click around so many times.

It seems like internally they have a lot of 'product paralysis', unlike say Facebook which is happy to experiment with totally random things sometimes. That said over the last couple years things have been improving on the 'shipping new product/product changes' front for Twitter. Also to be fair when Twitter's user-facing UI seemed stagnant they were building the ad system, etc.

Because they've outlawed competing UIs?

I seem to recall a service that could stitch together a tweet chain into a single image. Someone used it on a Doctorow discussion at some point i think.

Problem is that since then Twitter introduced this modified retweet that break said chains, and not every client do a good job of embedding what tweet people are replying to on sending etc.

On a completely different note, i see now that Twitter is trying to drum up attention for longer tweets. Something that is highly ironic given that over at SMS, where Twitter got its beginnings, stitching together multiple messages into a single long one has been a long solved "problem".

Edit: Back to the question at hand i think you will get a reasonable result with this:


And scroll downwards.

I think Moments are sort of supposed to solve that?

Both museums are really very good - for children and adults alike. Plus they're free to visit too.

I don't know how to add to this thread... But it's brilliant! Will someone ping the Smithsonian? That seems like it would unite those monarchists real quick. And we all know how that would go ^.~

Just because someone is from the UK doesn't make them a monarchist, nor does it make them a 'republican' (repubicanist?!) if they are from a country with a president as is its head of state.

NHM has decent footing in their open source contributions. I vote for them. Also dinosaurs n stuff.

In Indonesia, We have a term for "fight on twitter": Twitwar or Twitwor.

I like. Inventing (invention of) words, phrases is one of my favorite things. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sniglet

Was that a locust eating a mouse?

Probably artificial/decorative... hence being randomly stuck on a balcony

Some enterprising Brit hacker needs to turn this squabble into a real video game, STAT!

An American is free to do it. After all GOT is American.

Sorry, but it wouldn't be British enough. These museums are British institutions, sir.

This was darling. I like to imagine the two Social Media Managers are dating.

HN has no whimsy!


You probably learned quite a lot about the scope of their collections. (I've been to bothmany times, but didn't know SciM had a Polaris.

This site is doing something very weird with the scrolling.

The fact that I have to rely upon a news site with some of the worst IN YOUR FACE ad UI to embed each tweet in this conversation thread individually is pretty damning for Twitter. Why can't I organically discover / follow this on Twitter itself? It really had so much potential for being the heartbeat of the Internet, and maybe for an age it was. However, they never innovated or evolved leaving their biggest innovation to be "140 characters".

This is exactly what Twitter's "moments" feature is for, I'd be surprised if it wasn't featured there at one point.

How do I access the moments feature. There is nothing on the homepage about moments. Doing a simple text search on the page turns up nothing.

Doing a Google search for "twitter moments" results in the about page, again with no info on how to access the feature. This is followed by some news articles saying moments has been replaced by an "explore" tab, which I again can't find.

No wonder twitter is going down the drain. :-(

On twitter.com it's the second of four items in the navbar at the top: Home, Moments, Notifications, and Messages.

There is no such tab for me.

Are you signed in? The top navbar is only present if you're signed in[1], otherwise you should see "Moments" as the top contents of Featured[2].

If you're signed in and don't see it perhaps when Moments first came out a couple years ago you installed one of the various addons to hide it and don't remember it?

[1] https://imgur.com/Zp4v6sZ

[2] https://imgur.com/Y8e7RQE

I don't have it either. I have a 'moments' link on my profile page, not on my feed, but as I have not created any 'moments' for myself, it's just a blank page telling me what they are.

> Click on the Moments tab to see customized Moments from Today.


Jesus. Ads load before the actual content. How horribly slow can this site be.

I could barely read the page at all because every time I scrolled, the content disappeared. Sometimes it came back, sometimes not. Grumble grumble grumble...!

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