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Eventually you will, hopefully it won't be as expensive as the gyrotourbillon that one is the most amazing mechanism I've seen.



Wow, that is truly amazing, are there large versions of the gyrotourbillon out of interest, as in for a clock.

The thing about clocks is, they sit in only one position, so there's no justification for a tourbillon, which averages out the errors caused by change of position.

Wasn't one of the first tourbillon mechanisms in a carriage clock though?

I thought this was pretty cool regarding tourbillons: http://www.laimer.ch/laimer_tourbillon

I'm not sure what that would be classed as though.

Edit: Oh, doh, I misunderstood you, yeah I see what you mean

Yeah, that would make sense. And (googles) you can get a tourbillon clock in your carriage today -- if your carriage is a Bentley Bentayga.

Haha, awesome. Since the tourbillon spring mechanism seems to be constantly rotated with the gyro version, I wonder if there is another way to mechanically keep the tourbillon always level?

Wouldn’t that render it useless though? The purpose of tourbillon is specifically to cancel the effect gravity has on watches or clocks that are stationary. This was a problem with pocket watches that had a mechanism always in the same direction. Tourbillons in wrist watches are largely only for decorative purpose as the hands move and thus the gravity effect averages out.

Some number of tiny swinging weights could be used to establish the direction of gravity and the escapement could be slowly rotated until it's perpendicular to that direction. Edit: Or let the escapement hang. There's probably reasons why that's difficult.

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