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Where's a good collection of 8-bit music? I like the music the 8bit renditions of popular music that Engadget stars their podcast with, but don't know a good archive for them.

YouTube is currently the best place to find it, just put together or find a playlist. I was spoiled with this, because we built a website for creating YouTube Playlists and we made a bunch of really good ones for Video Game Music. That site is mostly broken now though...

But I will still provide you with my favorite collection of 8-bit (well 16 bit technically) music: http://flotate.com/?p=12352-Phantasy-Star-2-Soundtrack

I used to listen to Mega Man walkthroughs on youtube. Love the music they created for that series.

I don't know any good collections but di.fm has a radio station for it now http://www.di.fm/chiptunes/

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