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Indeed. Can you list yours that I haven't listed already? One can never have enough.

Edit: also, yeah. I thought my combo was pretty rare.

I mix heavy metal and classical. Which usually raises eyebrows.

Same here (sometimes). Or even some mixed genre bands. You know Apocalyptica? There are also some similar bands (don't remember names right now, check out via Lastfm or so).

It's actually a pretty popular mix, I've gathered. They are very similar styles of music in many ways.

Justice, Digitalism, and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble isn't strictly electronica but their music is really cool (no words too). http://vimeo.com/1418890

I have a Ratatat station and Justice station on Pandora which I've tuned individually over the past year.


I'm pretty much an omnivore when it comes to music... I'll listen to anything I like; there's hip-hop, movie/game scores, pop, rock, etc. in my playlists.

When Miles Davis released his album Sketches of Spain (brilliant, if you haven't heard it), there was a huge controversy over whether or not it was "real jazz". He did an interview shortly thereafter, where he was asked what genre he'd put it into. His response was brilliant: "It's music, and I like it."

I couldn't describe my own standpoint on what music I like any better than he did. While there are many genres in which I dislike the vast majority of the content, I'll give anything a shot and won't let a silly label stand in the way of liking something. I'm glad to see so many people on here feel the same; it always makes me cry on the inside to see listeners box themselves in.

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