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I'm often preferring silence these days, but when I do feel like tunes, I like stuff that's doesn't tear my attention away from what I'm doing.

The Aphex Twin:

  Analogue Bubble Bath
  Analogue Bubble Bath 2
  Analogue Bubble Bath 3
  Analogue Bubble Bath 3.1
  Analogue Bubble Bath 4
  Analogue Bubble Bath 5
  Selected Ambient Works
Also, Trace Nico and Speedy J.

Try some Boards of Canada

For something old school, FSOL Lifeforms

+1 came to say the same thing

Thanks, will do.

+1 for Speedy J haha, thought I was the only one. Old stuff like G-Spot especially

Yeah, you're not the only one, but we seem pretty few and far between.

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