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The Drupal community struggled a bit with the decision as well (see https://www.drupal.org/node/2645250). It seems there are a number of open source communities and enterprise development shops who are just not comfortable with the patent clause. React had a lot of momentum, but it seems alternatives like Vue.js are going to be the long-term winners in terms of being 'the next jQuery' in terms of longevity as a front end standard.

The next jquery will be probably Polymer (since it is a library). VueJS/Angular are bigger frameworks.

I very much agree with this. Web components are usable in and out of any framework and once browser support will be there I think they'll be huge. Until then, Polymer helps fill in the missing pieces.

Reminds me of jQuery before browser vendors integrated things like selector querying.

I don't think there will ever be another jQuery. Just like there won't be another Michael Jackson. The world is balkanizing, different people use different tools and listen to different music in a way that wasn't typical 10 years ago.

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