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I prefer it to Scheme or Common Lisp. But while I've spent a decent amount of time on news.arc, I haven't spent much lately on the underlying language.

It turns out I can do a maximum of 2 things at once. I can't work on YC, writing, and hacking. And since YC is a given, that means I have to choose between writing and hacking. Over the last couple years I've mostly chosen writing, but that might change.

Which reminds me, I really should do a new release of news.arc. It's significantly better now.

I'll be interested to see if having a child increases your capacity for simultaneous serious projects. It had that effect on me. I think it does that because you're forced to do lots of context switching, and eventually get better at it.

So far that hasn't happened.

It turns out I can do a maximum of 2 things at once.

Huh. That reminds me of a rule I figured out a long time ago: you have two cards to play. As in: Job, school, family, startup, pick 2. (Though startup really wants both.)

I was just thinking about how much faster HN has been lately. It's pretty rare to get a timeout, or even have to wait for a page to load. It's one of those things that I guess you don't really notice until the other sites you visit start getting slow again (ahem, reddit).

Anyways, thanks for keeping it fast!

Has any of the news.arc goodness trickled down into arc.arc? It'd be cool to see arc3.2.

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