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I have a question for more hardware-knowledgeable people than me:

We know it's possible to implement logic gates in Game of Life. So would it be possible to re-purpose a VHDL compiler to emit schemas for GoL-gates or GoL-transistors?

In this case, wouldn't programming a Tetris game in VHDL output a much smaller automata (avoiding the need to use huge OTCA metapixels, except maybe for display)?

One problem, I suppose, is that GoL is 2d, whereas VHDL output is ultimately 3d. So the problem is basically crossing wires. But I bet you can design a wire-crossing just like you can design a gate. If that's true, then VHDL to GoL would be possible.

In the hardware section of the post, they actually do show / talk about the need to construct a wire crossing, and it was used in the design..

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