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>All biometric security mechanisms are bad

They are though, if bad == insecure. Customs can make you unlock with fingerprint or face. If you can't lock yourself out, it's not secure.

Biometric security mechanisms are the best security mechanisms.

Because they fall in the category of "will be used" as opposed to perfect security, which almost always falls in the category "won't be used"

That's why you temporarily disable biometric authentication before you go through customs. On iOS, this is as easy as turning the device off, and in iOS 11 it just takes five quick presses of the sleep button.

Customs can do that anyway if you have a password.

Constitutionally, an individual can not be forced to enter a password for law enforcement (including customs agents).

That's the point, "constitutionally" while they lock you up for hours/days on end to obtain the warrant needed to give up your password unless you are willing to stay locked up.

Many border agents, it seems, have the “if you have nothing to hide” mentality. So if you’re refusing to unlock your phone, clearly you’re hiding something.

Get that sweet settlement for wrongful imprisonment.

Or, you know, no settlement, and not even a "sorry, oops" either.

How many times has this actually happened though?

That would be comforting if both (a) and (b) were true:

(a) the world was only US citizens.

(b) nothing unconstitutional ever happened to the first group.

> Customs can do that anyway if you have a password.

Allow me to repeat myself,

If you can't lock yourself out, it's not secure.

For example, some banks have time locks. Nobody gets into the vault, unless it is in a certain window of time.

>If you can't lock yourself out, it's not secure.

It's not secure if you can lock yourself out either.

A court could hold you in contempt for failing to unlock or intently locking.

And a state actor or even mugger could just hurt you or even kill you, in frustration if you don't open it for them.

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