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I don't think that was good advice for your situation, it was more like an observation. The person who wrote it probably didn't even study math.

It really depends on your interests. If you like math, sure, go for it. You can have a good career in IT. But if you're not absolutely sure, I wouldn't do it. I switched my major from CS to math, failed, and switched back to CS. I don't regret it, but pure math was a bit too much for me. But there are lots of people who graduate in math. So it really depends on what you like.

Yeah, they didn't and (as they say) now regret it. I'm also not a 100% math-guy, I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it. Also, I hope I'll get the required Math background for AI/data science even when studying CS. (our school has AI Master's)

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