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Show HN: See the tech behind any website (sitestacks.com)
20 points by ishansgupta 128 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

This is a nice service. You've even compiled some interesting data on the wide range of web sites you've evaluated.


I put in my website and got a bunch of technologies that I don't use. Is the algorithm broken, or is it marketing?

How does this compare with Datanyze, Builtwith and Wappalyzer? What led you to create a new service?

I've found BuiltWith effective for this kind of thing - especially regarding lead gen - but they are quite expensive. If you can provide a similar service and cheaper I might have paid for it. (Not so much these days as I'm working on something else).

Cool stuff! If you want to add more detection strategies, you might find https://page.rest useful. It can help you to easily check meta tags, script sources and headers for hints.

I'd also recommend this site if you are interested in see what is trending, and the tech stack by company. https://stackshare.io/stacks

It gets my website slightly wrong because it claims I'm using iwantmyname.com as a host. The domain actually points to an AWS S3 static website bucket. I think that makes AWS the host.

Didn't seem to pick up that my site uses Vue.js. It's used sparingly...but still.

It's a Good product. Can be a good tool for business data aggregation.

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