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baron816 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

The original title is "Billionaire Diller's Plan for Elaborate Pier in the Hudson is Dead."

The submitted title is "NIMBYs kill privately funded Hudson River floating park."

Is it really NIMBYism if you simply don't want a billionaire to erect an eponymous, quarter-billion-dollar landmark along the Manhattan waterfront?

If a billionaire really wants to see his name on something, he can make a huge philanthropic donation like everyone else.

What's up with the inflammatory title? What was wrong with the article's actual title?

To be fair, this was a terrible idea.

This reminds me of another privately-funded project that died recently in my own home city of Chicago. A group managed to effectively kill us getting a Star Wars museum on the Lake Michigan waterfront.

Similarly to this story, I have to think the tourism value of these properties stands a chance of being significant, and I don't see a huge benefit in blocking them. (The article doesn't do much to explain why the Hudson River park is being opposed, other than a vague mention of environmentalism.) In the case of the Star Wars museum, it's unfortunate something likely to be a future landmark will end up being built somewhere else.

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