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Show HN: I launched Claritask (built from scratch in the open; not a programmer) (claritask.com)
15 points by octobereleven 128 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

Thank you all for the positive comments so far. The response has been very encouraging considering I launched Claritask with 2-3 features. Simplicity and design have been praised so far.

Some people on twitter were super kind with praise https://twitter.com/GranitGjevukaj/status/908232553357873157

And some found a bug that I had overlooked when updating some js classes: https://twitter.com/josefdlange/status/908373904455999488

I'll be posting updates on my YouTube about launch/build, etc. https://www.youtube.com/c/ValonSopi

Thanks tons all!


You can follow my written Updates here: https://claritask.com/updates


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Absolutely well done!

How many hours to do that from no coding experience?

Did you do a bootcamp or completely self taught?

You are inspiring me to keep going with my project. Which is a Haskell blog even though I'm no Haskell expert.

Thanks for the good words!

In days that I was working on it, I would go for some 8-9 hours/day (with breaks in between). Other days I'd work less, if I had client working needed to work on. I'm counting time spent on tutorials, forums, asking questions, etc.

So 30-days like that / sans weekends.

Totally doable with the amount of documentation that's online on learning how to code (StackOverflow, Quora, Asking devs on my coworking floor)

GL man!

Lots of task trackers out there. I'd focus on finding 1 major differentiating feature next.

That's very true @ztratar!

The whole thing started from this post I wrote about a month ago: http://valsopi.com/blog/play

I'm trying to keep the whole thing as a play-thing / if anything comes out of it, Great!

I'd like to see what it looks like without signing up for an account.

Hi there, Here's a quick video I did of how Claritask looks inside: https://youtu.be/w11O-7sR0bI?t=1m46s

Note: This is version 1.0 (some features might be missing from the actual video & the latest version that's live)

Here, I took some screenshots for you. It seems like all you can do is make a project, add tasks, and then mark them Active or Complete.


Thanks @graysonk!

That's basically all there is for now. I've launched as soon as I had Auth ready.

I talk more about current features and what's to come here: https://claritask.com/updates/claritask-launched

You're right! The website should have some screenshots of the product inside, but I'm moving so fast with coding and launching new features that screenshots will be outdated quite quickly...

Can you use a temporary email of some sort? If you use your real email, I will be only sending out product updates, once new features/versions are Live... and not as often as it sounds.

Sorry about that

Why not only require an account to save access? So people can get started, and sign up later?

I like that!

I might add this, but since I'm the only one working on this project, I'm trying to laser-focus my limited time* on launching some key features inside that help current users.

*(I still have my day job at the time of this writing)

If you want, you can register with a dummy account (no need to confirm your Email) and see what's inside.

If you register with your account, I will only send product updates (if that)... // there's another list to sign-up for receiving regular Newsletters: http://us16.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=95b8b388569827f889... (which you can unsubscribe from anytime / via Mailchimp)

With all that said: I def like your request and will add it on my list of upcoming features > it's really great to start using the app without registration and then register if you'd like to continue (Even if it's a super JS lightweight, without cookies even to remember stuff).


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