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> without having to re-position my upper body

why would you unlock your phone if you're not going to look at it? I don't understand this argument.

I unlock the phone while it's still in my pocket, by the time it reaches eye level, it's already unlocked. And with a few muscles memory tricks, there's even a chance I have opened the right app without even looking in the fraction of a second it took me to take the phone out of my pocket.

I've actually never seen anyone doing that. I don't think that's a valid argument against Face ID. It's still faster than a PIN code and (seems) more secure than touch ID.

You've never seen someone unlocking their phone while they're taking it out ? It's fast, you might have missed it.

as fast as Face ID probably. I know I've seen people unlocking their phone by mistake in their pockets for sure.

I do the same even with PIN. I know where the keys are and have it unlocked before I'm looking at it.

my phone is currently sat on my desk, about 10 inches from my right arm. I can, and do, check messages on it, by only repositioning my arm to unlock it.

I easily read any messages by glancing at the phone, never coming into any decent imaging range.

Turn on the front camera, lay the phone on your desk. Can you see your face in the image? Then you can unlock your phone by glancing over at it.

My phone is on my desk next to my laptop in the same place where I've been texting my wife for the past five minutes. I have turned on the front facing camera.

My phone can see the very corner of my head and about half of my eyebrow. I do not want that to be enough to unlock my phone.

Apple would be happy to sell you a watch for that…

If you have a mac you can use Messages to check your message on your laptop directly.

Pretty much everyone at your standard 9-5 office job has their personal phone with them all the time and their personal computer with them none of the time.

You can work on a mac...

Signing in to personal accounts on a work computer is a terrible privacy practice and also unprofessional IMO.

One reason would be ApplePay. At least in Europe most payment terminals have their NFC sensors on their side, so you're supposed to hold your phone flat with the side of a box, so the selfie camera just points to the wall on your left. In that position, there is no way that the camera of your iPhone could see your face.

Compare this to Touch ID, where you hold your phone to that box with your finger on the sensor and half a second later you've paid - very convenient.

I would take a guess that Apple has not yet tested any iPhone X with a European payment terminals and will get a lot of angry emails once people try that combination.

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