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Ask HN: Programs that help aspiring entrepreneurs to build solid solutions?
2 points by AnotherDevlpr 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
I have spent my last ~5 years in an amateur startup ecosystem fueled by govt funds. As a developer or problem solver, most my challenges were minimal. I'm planning to take a break and want to spend a couple of months on learning new skills. I was considering to attend something like [Oxford Fintech Programme](https://getsmarter.sbs.ox.ac.uk/oxford-fintech-online-programme-hm/), but preferably offline. Few programs in my mind were [CodeX Stanford](https://law.stanford.edu/codex-the-stanford-center-for-legal-informatics/) or [Berkman Klein Center fellowship](https://cyber.harvard.edu). I know these things are not easy to get in, but I would love to give a try.

Do you have any experience with any similar programs/ fellowships? I'm interested in multidisciplinary programs to compliment my Computer science/ Electronics knowledge and build a solid solution to real world problems. Let me know if you came similar programs.


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