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Go here http://play.starmaninnovations.com/qftasm/#jllHdnBGSP then click 'Run' and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Is there a way to move the blocks?

Yes there is, see their following explanation:



Input to the game is performed by manually editing the contents of RAM address 1. Using the QFTASM interpreter, this means performing direct writes to address 1. Look for "Direct write to RAM" on the interpreter's page. Each move only requires editing a single bit of RAM, and this input register is automatically cleared after the input event has been read.

value motion 1 counterclockwise rotation 2 left 4 down (soft drop) 8 right 16 clockwise rotation


If you do CTRL+F on the following:

Direct write to RAM

You can find the input field :)

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