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Show HN: Waveform – Take Your Programmer Art to the Next Level
2 points by hacker_9 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Waveform is a 3d Model Editor designed to be easy to use from the outset. It does not require any artistic skills to create something that looks good. It enables developers to create functional 3d models quickly, so they can prototype out ideas fast, or even use the models in a commercial product. The tool is capable of creating geometry, UV's for texturing, automatic rigging, animation, and hooking up physics rigid bodies. You can then export as OBJ or FBX, and the physics information is also exported to a separate .ragdoll file.

A Unity editor script is additionally provided to hook the physics up to rigid bodies and colliders for you, when importing the model as an FBX. The script can be found in the Unity Sample Project.

Site: http://www.waveform3d.com/

(the menu bar along the top provides access to the downloads page, as well as links to the tutorials)

V1.1 has recently been released, which adds 3d tools to the viewport, improves performance, adds a low poly modifier, and comes with a new streamlined installation process.

As part of the update, I have also created a tutorial video going over how to build a Tank using the tool:

Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpgiu5YUEmg

Text/GIFs Tutorial: https://imgur.com/t/software/3zpXf

Happy to answer any questions, and any feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading.

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