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Show HN: Create Your Own Cloud Storage Web App for $0.60/TB per Month (mtlynch.io)
16 points by mtlynch 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

One question. How fast is this. Waiting months to upload a few GB of data was the reason for quitting Microsoft's cloud backup. And I'm getting that for free! Also Google's one is painfully slow. Not sure about Dropbox but granted it is expensive.

it depends on your upload speed... I have 400 down, 40 up, and with Sia i can use the full 40mb upload speed (about 5MB/s). With SIA, you usually upload 3x the data, for security and safety stuff, so, uploading 1GB of data actually equates to 3GB, so on my 5MB upload, it would take about 10 min... give or take... YMMV...

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