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Ask HN: What would you do with MySpace
12 points by orliesaurus 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments
I am just curious to think what other people around the globe would do.. Let's assume someone sold you MySpace for a dollar/euro/yen... You now own every piece of data / equipment / IP that MySpace comes with. Except the debt(s).

What would you do?

And no, I'm not "asking for my friend". Im genuinely curious!

I would remake the site exactly as it was in 2006/7.

Exactly. Down to the customizable HTML/CSS for profiles.

It would be such a hit of post-irony nostalgia that nearly everyone who was on it would jump back to it. We would get millions of users in a week, easy. All it would take is one Buzzfeed-style article "Remember the MySpace of your youth? It's back"

Then, showing the hockey stick growth, I'd sell it next week.

I like this idea, it's fascinating how willing young millennials (myself included) are to flock toward nostalgia. I used to take so much pride in my Myspace page, and even learned some basic HTML along the way.

Another idea I thought of could be to retool the site into something different from simply a social network. I'm thinking of how the name could be used in a more literal way, while also staying in touch with the social-network angle of the site.

What about a platform where you design a Space, like a room you dec' out and build to your liking, using points or currency for upgrades/additions. A bit like the Sims where you'd build your "Space" and other users can come over and hang out. The living room could have an entertainment system which plays your custom playlist. DJ's could host live sets. On the TV is a Super Smash Brothers tournament you can get in on.

You might have a neighbor whose Space is the party spot, people go there and interact/chat with other people about, well, partying, or something like r/drunk. Then you might have another neighbor whose Space is a salon of sorts, people gather there to discuss the owner's recommended reading list or art collection.

A universe of micro-communities, or Spaces, as it were. Some are open access, some are invite-only, and some charge $5/cup to get in the door.

I would love to do what you said but make it AR/VR powered

What you propose in the last paragraph sounds like Reddit.

So, the internet?

Week 1: Legally change my name to Samy.

Week 2: Begin development of Xanga integration, initially making it possible for a MySpace page to join a Xanga blogring.

Week 3: Publish an import tool that allows users to display their archived Formspring questions and answers.

Week 4: Ensure that the service is reliably accessible over both HTTP and Gopher. Encourage users to visit gophers://gopher.myspace.com if their client supports SSL.

Week 5: Begin cross-platform app development for Symbian OS and the Apple Newton.

I don't think MySpace had a micro-blogging feature back in the day, so I think that'd be the first thing that I would add -- a micro-blogging feature for posting text, pics, and videos. Toss in some inspiration from SnapChat and make the posts disappear after a short period of time. Ditch the facebook model of 'friending' and use twitter's 'follow' model instead.

That's a fun question to think about what one would do with MySpace, but I think the whole 'social' space gets too much attention. It's like Peter Thiel says, the next Bill Gates isn't going to create an operating system, and the next Mark Zuckerberg isn't going to create a social network (even though this isn't totally true, just look at Evan Spiegal & Kevin Systrom).

Yeah I like the last part of your answer, I don't think I would do something directly social with it but it would probably not make money. Maybe something sentimental, because I think we all had a MySpace back then - heck I still remember my URL - I bet MySpace still has all my saved conversations and profile visits over the years...maybe make a time-travel experience for MySpace users who haven't used it anymore in 10ish years?!

A large part of that IP is the massive amount of work that went into it right before its downfall.

It has legs, just too much debt and as you said the debt is gone. I'd let it run for a little while. If I were to change it again, or even roll it all the way back to the 90s (rose tinted glasses I think). Then all you'd really be using is the domain name which is a waste.

> In February 2005, DeWolfe held talks with Mark Zuckerberg over acquiring Facebook but DeWolfe rejected Zuckerberg's $75 million asking price.


I had no idea this happened. Thanks for asking the question.

I would add back in the customization as others have suggested, but I would also make it mobile friendly.

I thought the way they re-did it was a really bad call, it seemed optimized for desktop in an era where everything was going mobile.

I would create an ICO.

Then I'd email everyone in the database about it, then transfer the database over to a blockchain.

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